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About Me

Odum & Company was founded by Christopher Odum a 28 year old African male during the 2020 COVID-19 saddened  Pandemic. I came to the realization that I was built for moving when I sustained a high ankle injury from contracting with the highly favored furniture company; Rooms to go. It was a very sad day for me , when I approached a very simple routine jumping off the back of the truck after pulling the pieces up to the back of the truck for the stop. I jumped of the back and landed on a curb ,when I rolled my ankle and encountered a major break in my ankle.


There was no insurance being that I was a contractor , which meant I had to pay all my expenses out of pocket. It was very frustrating and hard on me thats when I came to the realization that I dont need to be working for anybody. I got injured delivering Rooms to Go furniture and they didnt care about my health or my injury at all. Why not start my own business right?


I enjoy helping customers, I enjoy making people happy and most of all I love positive energy! My team strides on 100% customer satisfaction, we love to make our customers happy and WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! !


Everybody was trained on our team and has a great moving and delivery background service. Thats where our slogan falls into part;  Precise and bright, The company You'll like!

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