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Here are some great moving tips from Odum & Company

-Start early

-Dont make boxes too heavy

-DONT take what you DONT need

-Try to minimize your miscellaneous 

-Keep your movers hydrated 

-Stay out of the way

-Make sure you have a gameplan

Start early

Moving can be long and stressful, so getting an early start is highly recommend.

Don't make boxes too heavy

Dispursing your items equally amongst your boxes will make a great difference in your move. It puts less strain on your workers and promotes a less chance of a box tearing and damaging materials.

Minimize your miscellaneous

Having a minimum amount of miscellaneous items can expedite your move and save you some money. If your team doesn't have to grab pillows or clothes for instance this can speed up your move and help you out in the long run.

Stay out of the way

Moving requires heavy lifting and awkward angles. We recommend that you stay out of the way so that we can insure safety and protection to your furniture and home. We don't want to experience an accident while moving, tho your help is greatly appreciated.

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